Community Engagement Committee – It Takes a Village

Since its creation about 40 years ago, the Community Engagement Committee, (formely the Social Concerns committee) has provided volunteer and financial assistance to numerous local organizations, primarily with a focus on alleviating poverty. Community Engagement serves as the hub for EUUC’s involvement in many projects, recruiting volunteers from the entire EUUC community.  It is truly a case of “it takes a village”. Even though Community Engagement oversees 13 different projects, the committee has only about ten regularly attending members, each serving as the contact person for one or more of projects.

Some of the Community Engagement projects would be impossible to do and others would not have as much impact without the many dedicated EUUC volunteers who are not members of the committee but who regularly volunteer.

Here are some examples:

  • Neighbors in Need breakfasts have about 20 volunteers,  three are Social Concerns committee members
  • Cold Weather Shelter has about 40 volunteers and one of those is a member of the Social Concerns committee
  • Giving Garden has eight volunteers and two of those are Social Concerns committee members
  • Area schools with high poverty have nine volunteers, four of whom serve on the Social Concerns Committee
  • EUUC Car Camp has 29 volunteers and six of those serve on Social Concerns
  • Toy Shop/holiday giving projects have about 30 volunteers and six of those are on the Social Concerns committee
  • Interfaith Shelter has two volunteers, one of whom is a member of the committee.

Thank you to all for being part of the Social Concerns “village”!