Afghan refugee women deserve dignity

Muslim teen girlWith the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, refugees began fleeing the country. Those arriving in the United States are starting over and there is a great need for personal care items by women refugees. We held a fall fundraiser benefiting I Support The Girls (ISTG). Thank you to all who donated to this fundraiser. We in Advocates for Women were moved by the compassion you demonstrated in giving and in making life a little easier for Afghan refugee women and their families in the US. Together, our congregation raised $1264!

Refugees need to focus on resettlement, not menstrual needs

Through an international network of Affiliates, I Support The Girls (ISTG) collects and distributes essential items including bras, underwear, and menstrual hygiene products, allowing women experiencing homelessness, impoverishment, or distress to stand tall with dignity. A woman shouldn’t have to choose between feeding herself (and her family) and her personal health. So far more than 550,000 girls and women worldwide have been able to retain their dignity through ISTG’s product drop-offs. 

Since Afghan refugees started arriving in the US, ISTG has donated nearly 50,000 items to organizations directly serving refugees in Denver, Houston, Seattle, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, and more. Donations include bras, underwear, pads, toys , masks, hand sanitizer, household and toiletry items. ISTG anticipates more than 30,000 Afghan women and girls will need supplies once all the families clear security screenings. We know that 1700 refugees are slated to settle in Washington State.