Lobby Room Wraps up with Victories

Post-Session Wrap

The Lobby Room wrapped up in early March after logging 796 contacts with our state legislators! Many thanks to all who participated. We had some notable successes including: enhancing abortion access, allocating funds for launching a Medicaid-like program for immigrants, and improving the working family tax credit.  In the area of climate, we helped pass the most-environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation investment package in our state’s history, and advanced solar energy, regenerative agriculture and building decarbonization. Our Social Justice Committees worked together to make this happen. We will be back next year and hope you will join us!


Bills We Recommend

The Lobby Room group has reviewed 2022 bills, especially those recommended by our allies working for Climate Justice, Community Engagement, Democracy, Racial Justice, and for Justice for Women and Families. We’ve selected several  to focus on this year.  If you want to review those bills, get some talking points, and take action, here is the link. The legislative session is short this year (Jan. 10-Mar. 10), so things will be moving quickly.

Legislative Action Zoom Parties

Sunday, Jan 16 at 4 pm; Monday, Jan 17 at 4 pm; Thursday, Jan 27 at 5 pm, and Sunday, Feb 13 at 4 pm 

If you are a novice, we will show you how to get started on contacting your elected officials online (preferred over letters or postcards).  We will have a separate breakout room for those who don’t need any help but would like some company, and maybe one for those folks with expertise in between!

Can’t make it to a Zoom Party?

This  document will show you how to navigate the Legislature’s website, and shows you how to comment on bills to Policy committees and to your legislators. Give it a try!

P.S. Paper is out!  The legislature prefers electronic communications via the website, or if that is not possible, email.

# actions taken in 2022

Please be sure to log the number of contacts you’ve made on this 30 second form

As of Jan. 17, 223 actions have been logged!

As of Jan. 24, 337 actions have been logged!

As of Jan. 31, 445 actions have been logged!

As of Feb. 7,  479 actions have been logged!

As of Feb. 14, 599 actions have been logged!

As of March 10, 796 actions have been logged!