For our mission and descriptions of our current work, read Transforming Our World.

These are the goals that guide our decisions about our work:

  • Make the links between climate and social justice issues visible to our congregation and community.
  • Collaborate with faith and community partners, particularly regarding climate justice.
  • Provide opportunities for people to share, learn, and process the discouragement and hope around working on climate justice.
  • Facilitate and make visible EUUC folks’ individual and collective social justice desires and efforts.
  • Maintain a committee atmosphere such that all contribute as they prefer; no one feels alone or overwhelmed.

Examples of Past Efforts

We have made a difference through inspiration, education and advocacy.  For a full list of our many efforts, peruse the Peace & Justice Committee sections of the EUUC Annual Reports. Selected recent highlights include:

Climate Justice

  • Introduced a creative and innovative community- building carbon-reduction game called Taming Bigfoot to our Interfaith Climate Action partners, who then worked with the City of Edmonds to run the competition. (2018)
  • Worked with the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy to put an initiative on the ballot in November 2018, that would tax carbon and fund programs that help affected populations. (2018)
  • Coordinated with the Sunday Offering Committee to support an EUUC member and other climate activists in Standing Rock. (2017)
  • Hosted auction dinners with Reader’s Theater plays and readings about climate. (2017 & 2018)
  • Coordinated participation of EUUC friends and members in the “Break Free” from Fossil Fuels march and rally in Anacortes, part of’s national focus in May. One member participated in classes teaching nonviolent civil disobedience, and was arrested blocking the railroad tracks. (2016)
  • Sponsored and supported the member-driven proposal to take a Congregational Stand on climate justice. (2015-2016)

Reviving Democracy

  • Coordinated the very successful call to congregants to collect 5 signatures each (2000 total signatures) on the initiative to the legislature, to call for a US Constitutional Amendment stating that money is not speech, and corporations are not people. (2014)
  • Hosted a workshop on socially-responsible investing (2014)
  • Sponsored and supported the member-driven proposal to take a Congregational Stand on getting money out of politics, to reclaim the democratic process. (2013-2014)
  • Presented the movie ‘Heist: Who Stole the American Dream – and How Can We Get it Back?’ at the downtown Edmonds theater followed by Q/A featuring Ken Dammand of Washington Public Campaign, and sign-ups for specific actions such as a legislative lobbying phone tree. (2012)

Civil and Human Rights, Peace

  • Hosted an auction dinner and Reader’s Theater based on Howard Zinn’s “The People Speak.” (2016)
  • Hosted a workshop inspired by Joanna Macy and run by Barbara Ford, titled “Active Hope.” The workshop helped participants find new strengths in community, to deal with the emotions of despair over global warming and the enormity of the issues facing our world. (2015)
  • Wrote letters on several issues, for members of the congregation to sign; mailed them to the President of the United States and our Legislators. (various years)
  • Founded Sno-King Meaningful Movies, which shows documentaries on a variety of issues, and is well-attended by the community. (2013)