March Cause of the Month – The Unicorn Family Guild


March Cause of the month

Unicorn Family Guild is the Sunday cause of the month for March. The Unicorn Family Guild was formed by a group of individuals, each touched by their own experiences and advocacy, to provide support and resources for families with trans children. They are inspired by personal experiences with gender diversity, and their passion for Seattle Children’s mission to help every child live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible.

They chose the Unicorn because it is a symbol of beauty, transformation and strength. The Guild is passionate about supporting Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic and gender diverse youth and their families. The funds they raise support the greatest needs of the clinic, which includes research, outreach, and clinic growth. Just as importantly, the Guild’s events and membership raise awareness and build community.

Unicorn family Guild’s mission also provides resources for those families fleeing their home states to seek and to be able to continue gender affirming care for their youth. They are increasingly arriving to Washington state, as our legislative body has worked to put in protections for those families and their care teams

Our funds will be used to support families with out of pocket costs associated with gender affirming care that would otherwise be out of reach for some families seeking gender affirming care for their youth.

This organization was nominated by Amanda Palmer-Schafer.

As always, thank you for your generous donations.

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