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Note: Many events this year are a part of a congregational educational plan preceding the congregational vote on a Stand for Reproductive Justice. These are marked **ReproJ**.

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March and April 2023

3/6    Monday, 7-8:30 pm A4W Monthly Meeting, via Zoom

3/16 … read more.

What’s so bad about Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

If you’ve been around the reproductive justice movement at all, you’ve probably heard the term “crisis pregnancy center.” Not just an annoyance, crisis pregnancy centers do real harm to real people. Here’s a rundown of what’s bad about them.

What harm do CPCs do?

Crisis pregnancy centers … read more.

The 2023 Lobby Room Heats Up!

Many challenges await the 2023 state legislature’s 105-day budget session, which starts January 10. Let’s build on our past successes to promote those bills that our mission and UU principles guide us to support. Only one week later, bills are beginning to move quickly, so … read more.