July and August Cause of the Month

Candle Light Foundation (CLF Uganda)



Photo of students of the Candle Light Foundation
Candle Light Foundation Students

Candle Light Foundation (CLF) Uganda is the Sunday cause of the month for July and August. Candle Light Foundation Uganda, is a Not-for-Profit Organization, with a mission to empower vulnerable girls and women to live their dreams and reach their full potential through education, skills training, and entrepreneurship. “We believe women are born with incredible gifts to share with the world and make our communities a better place.”

They provide the tools, educational opportunities, support, and encouragement to empower women to become all that they dream to be. With the dedication of volunteers, staff members, and partners, they strive to improve the lives of vulnerable girls and women.

Most of the women and girls have experienced domestic violence, rape, verbal and psychological abuse from a very early age. From 2001 to date CLF has successfully supported over 3000 vulnerable Girls and Women in Uganda.  As they grow to add more students the need for support for individual girls grows! Their funding for all programs comes from gifting sponsors and grants!

The foundation supports children from very poor families, HIV/AIDS orphans, child-headed families, and families living at a subsistence level who are unable to support their girl’s education!

Our donations will be used to support the Candle Light Daycare/Preschool/Kindergarten!  This will enable Girl Students that have babies and would not normally be able to attend High School to come to Candle Light High School! Additionally, the Teachers and staff with babies and the community at large will also have access to this school!

Educating girls not only benefits them individually, but also leads to greater economic and social development for entire communities and countries.

As always, thank you for your generous donations.

This organization was nominated because of its connection with EUUC member Jack Robinson. Thank you Jack!

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