June Sunday Offering – Chaplains on the Harbor

Chaplains on the Harbor (Ministry Partner) from Diocese of Olympia on Vimeo.

Chaplains on the Harbor

Chaplains on the Harbor is the Sunday cause of the month for June. They are a group of Chaplains who seek to build a Freedom Church of the Poor by building relationships and standing with the poor of Grays Harbor County. “We believe the people most affected by poverty should have the actual power and control over organizations, land, and resources—as a collective.” This organization was nominated because of a connection made between EUUC and this organization during the Poor People’s Campaign work pre pandemic.

The mission of Chaplains on the Harbor is to build relationships and stand together with the poor of Grays Harbor County to build leadership and transformation for community empowerment.

Chaplains on the Harbor is a member non-profit and welcome people experiencing poverty, homelessness, addiction and recovery, and incarceration to become members of their organization.  

They are modeling their business model after places like the Sustainable Economies Law Center. They have four types of members: 1) staff who work there, 2) community members most impacted, 3) organizations who support them, and 4) workers in any co-ops that they develop.

In addition, they feed people six days a week, provide jail and street outreach, offer showers and hygiene supplies, and provide harm reduction support.  For more information about their programs please visit this link 

As always, thank you for your generous donations.

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