April Cause of the Month – The Kicking Gas Campaign


April Cause of the month is Kicking Gas. Kicking Gas is a local campaign led by the non profit For The People, with collaboration from Readiness to Learn, City of Langley Climate Crisis Action Committee, Salish Sea Cooperative Finance, Sno-Isle Sierra Club, and Island Ductless Heat Pumps. 

It is a grassroots, Whidbey Island-based climate justice organization working to help electrify homes and improve the health of our communities by increasing affordability and awareness of the health and environmental impacts of fossil fuel combustion and usage. 

The Kicking Gas program empowers people with low to moderate incomes to electrify their homes by providing education, funding, referrals to trusted contractors and financing (if necessary).

Their mission is to

  1. fight the climate crisis by keeping fossil fuels in the ground
  2. promote improved indoor and outdoor health by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  3. improve safety in their homes and neighborhoods due to the reduction of gas lines
  4. improve energy efficiency and lower household energy costs

In 2024-2025 they are aiming to convert 150 homes from propane, oil, wood, or so-called “natural” gas to electric for cleaner indoor air, bodies, and communities. They operate in Whidbey Island, Snohomish County and Bainbridge Island.

Funds will be used to provide more electrification equipment and installs which will increase the number of home electrifications Kicking Gas can facilitate.

This organization was nominated by the Peace and Justice Climate Team. 

As always, thank you for your generous donations.

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