January Cause of the Month – Snohomish County Mutual Aid

Snohomish County Mutual Aid

Snohomish County Mutual Aid (SnoCoMutual Aid) is the Sunday cause of the month for January. SnoCoMutual Aid is a grassroots, all-volunteer movement to grow caring, compassionate communities based on equity, mutual support, and helping between neighbors.

SnoCoMutual Aid provides non-judgmental access to needed resources for all community members, including immigrant and refugee families. Many families fall between the eligibility cracks of established charitable organizations. Furthermore, SnoCo Mutual Aid encourages recipient family members to participate actively when they can. Many have taken up facilitator roles in the group, thereby furthering outreach and empowerment among our community members.

The funds raised by EUUC will be used to provide groceries, supplies, and medicines, which are dropped off on porches of families in need by volunteers. Also, funds will be used to provide other vital support on a case-by-case basis to include help with utility bills, vehicle repair, gasoline, etc. for families who fall between the eligibility cracks of available charitable agencies and resources.

This organization was nominated by Nora Thompson. 

As always, thank you for your generous donations.

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