New Website is Here

EUUC has moved  to a new website..

It is based on a Website template produced by the UUA, which is used by many other Unitarian Universalist congregations.

It can be viewed easily on many different devices – tablets, smart phones, laptops,, desktop computers.

Much of the content of the current website has been moved to the new website, with the rest to follow in the next few weeks.  There is a link on the new website  Home page  and in the right hand column of most pages to the  previous website that will be maintained for a limited length of time.

Some features to try out on the new website –

Check out the revolving carousel of pictures on the home page.  If the label on the picture is underlined, that means the picture is linked to another page.  Try clicking on the picture ( not the label) of one of the underlined labels. – a suggestion is to click on the The Poor People’s Campaign graphic , which will take you to a news item , which in turn will take you to a YouTube video produced by Nick Maxwell.

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, try looking up our site on those devices – the same content is displayed.

Note the second row of three buttons  in the right hand corner – The first will take you back to the old website if you can’t find what you need on this site.  if this happens, if you have time, please notify us about what you were looking for and could not find, so that we can make sure that we get that content over to the new website.  You would click the third button titled Email Web Manager to send us this information, or any other issue or question that you have about the new website.  The middle button connects to our Electronic Funds Transfer provider and lets you donate to EUUC Online.

In the upper right hand corner of all of the pages on the website, you will see some links.  Click on them. The Directions link will take you to Google maps, the Give button takes you to another page on the website with other ways to donate electronically ( text to give, using a QR reader)

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us with this website conversion effort.  This includes

  • Maureen Crist, , daughter in law of Katey Crist and an expert WordPress designer, who helped us get up and working on the new site,
  • the Social Justice group, who really worked to get their new pages right – special thanks to Barb Chessler, Cindy Creager, Pam Iverson, Marilyn Parsons , Ingrid Naumann, and Kyle Gillis
  • our testers – Charlie Beltman and Christine MacDonald.

We will be posting regular news items about the website and other changes to the technology infrastructure of EUUC.

If you are interested in more detailed information, are interested in helping , have comments or find errors, email us.