EUUC Lobby Room Opens January 27

“Easy, fun and effective.” Those are the hopes of the EUUC Peace & Justice Committee as they open a place where EUUC members can make their justice voices heard in the halls of Olympia, city hall and more.


How does it Work?


P & J members will have:

  • Postcards, pens, colors and other supplies
  • Addresses of key office holders
  • Names of important bills that are being considered
  • Key points about bills


You bring yourself and your values and use our information and tools to write your messages.


EUUC Peace & Justice Committee members will deliver your messages to their intended recipient


EUUC Peace & Justice Committee members will be following the work being done in Olympia by using the Faith Action Network, Earth Ministry and JUUstice Washington to inform our preparation for each Sunday.



EUUCis a busy place Sunday mornings, so the Lobby Room will be in different places, depending on room availability.  Consult the calendar or the Social Justice desk to learn the location each week.


Families are welcome in the EUUC Lobby Room.  We will have art supplies available so kids can add their ideas as well.


The Lobby Room will be open to other information that members bring to the Lobby Room.  If you or your group are supporting a bill that isn’t on the radar of the EUUC Peace & Justice Committee, just bring your information to the room so members can learn about and support.


The Lobby Room is a new idea and as we implement it, we will be evaluating what works and how we can best involve EUUC members in amplifying their voice.  We will welcome feedback and ideas.  We might even consider opening the Lobby Room on a weekday and invite friends and allies.  Comments can go to