Lunch and Learn – Reproductive Justice: US Laws and UU Principles – Dec. 8, 2019

Advocates for Women invite you to join us in Chapman Hall after second service on Sunday December 8, where we will learn about legal strategies to defend reproductive rights for all women and how this fight intersects with UU principles. Reproductive justice goes beyond Pro-Choice, including not only abortion rights and access, but also equity for contraception care, safe pregnancy and a safe family environment. Our speakers include Marley Banker, Shoreline UU Board Member and NARAL activist, and Fajer Saeed Ebrahim, Policy Counsel at Legal Voice. Legal Voice uses the power of the law to dismantle oppression of women in the Northwest. A light lunch will be served.

We encourage you to bring a $10 gift card to Fred, Meyer, Target, or Orca to benefit  women escaping the sex trade at Peoria Home. Sign up in the Narthex or email Childcare needed? Contact us by Dec. 1.