We endorse “Approve Referendum 90” to guarantee access to sex education in public schools!

The Social Justice Council and Advocates for Women recently voted to endorse “Approve Referendum 90”. Here’s the background. After a hard-fought battle, in 2020 the Washington State legislature passed the Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Act. This Act requires K-12 public schools to provide age-appropriate, inclusive curricula on human development and reproduction. In addition, the requirements include teaching how to develop healthy behaviors and relationships, and understanding the influence of peers, family, community and media on sexual and emotional health. For the younger children (K-3), the learning is focused topics such as stranger danger, good touch/bad touch and using your words instead of your hands. Parents and guardians may opt their children out of the instruction at any time. Many of you may remember this legislation, as our congregation sent over 70 postcards to our state Senators and Representatives through the Lobby Room.

Now, a coalition of parents and conservative organizations have decided they should speak for all parents and children and are attempting to rescind the legislation via Referendum 90 by ballot this November. Such so-called veto referendums can be confusing, so here’s the deal: an APPROVE vote will affirm the legislation; a disapprove vote will rescind the legislation.

We believe that all children and youth in Washington state deserve access to sex ed – it’s a matter of health and safety! Vote APPROVE on Referendum 90! To pledge to vote to approve visit https://www.approve90wa.org/ .

Information on the Comprehensive Sexual Health Education legislation, including a side-by-side myths vs facts section is available at https://www.sb5395facts.com/.

Contact A4W@euuc.org for more information or if you would like to participate in no-contact literature drops or scripted phone/text bank party organized by a coalition of Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NARAL and others. No experience required!

Submitted by Marilyn Parsons and Nancy Dolan