Democracy update!

We are celebrating democracy!  We have gotten through the first step of this election – the vote counting has proceeded without serious interference. The pressure of groups like ours that were poised to mobilize loomed over those who may have been tempted to suppress democracy.  Thank you to the Vigil Team  who put so much time into planning for a safe, thoughtful vigil — and thanks to the Hold the Line Groups  for being ready to show up!   

Ensuring democracy through the inauguration

We will remain watchful in the coming days and weeks, as we progress through state-by-state vote certification, electoral-college certification (due from states by Dec. 14), and transition to inauguration.  We hope not to need to mobilize, but we will if red lines are crossed. These red lines are: 

  • all eligible votes must be counted
  • irregularities must be promptly investigated and adjudicated
  • legitimate results must be respected.

If you want to check out the risk level, visit the coup-o-meter.   

Join us!

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This page will be updated as the situation changes.