What would we do without emails?

We send an email to Social Concerns to ask how we can help with their food drive. We email the Minister to tell him how his sermon resonated with our lives. We shoot off a quick RSVP to Advocates for Women to let them know we will be attending their benefit dinner. We can contact any committee and interest group through their email address which automatically forwards messages to the chairs or leaders. Of course, the staff also have email addresses.

Within a committee or interest group people can make plans and keep each other informed through an email discussion list.

Types of email addresses

Forwarding email address

Examples of forwarding email addresses

Coffee Committee chairs: coffee@euuc.org

Astronomy interest group leader:

A forwarding email address is an @euuc.org email address that does not collect and send messages, but rather forwards the messages to the personal email accounts of the appropriate people.

Every committee and interest group has a forwarding email address with only a few exceptions. The exceptions are those few groups that need to send emails from their @euuc.org accounts. Those groups have mailboxes.


A mailbox is an @euuc.org email address that collects email messages and lets the owner send messages from that address.

Instructions for using a mailbox are at TBD .

Email discussion list

Examples of discussion lists

Coffee Committee discussion list:

Astronomy interest group:

People can use an email discussion list to ensure that their messages are sent to everyone in a group.  For instance, the discussion list, Astronomy.group@euuc.org would contain the personal email addresses of the members of the Astronomy interest group. Then, when an email message is sent to Astronomy.group@euuc.org, the message will be sent to everyone whose email address is on the list.

Only members of the list may use the discussion list email address. When a message is received from an email address that is not part of the list, the message is automatically deleted.

Naming Conventions

  • The committee name, council name, or group name forms the email address, rather than using an acronym: for example, we would use dogwalkers@euuc.org rather than dw@euuc.org.
  • The committee/group email address is forwarded to the chair/leader.
  • A discussion list for members of a committee would be named with the commitee name followed by .team@euuc.org.
  • A discussion list for members of an interest group would be named with the group name followed by .group@euuc.org.
  • Supervising committees and staff may also receive emails sent to their subordinate committees and groups.

Announcement lists

We also use announcement lists to send news and announcements to subscribers. Unlike discussion lists, these lists do not allow subscribers to send messages to the entire list. We offer two announcement lists:

  • e-News – announcements, events, and monthly newsletter
  • Social Justice News – short event announcements