Three vehicles

Each week announcements are made through three media:

  • an email: This Week at EUUC is emailed to e-news subscribers
  • printed: This Week at EUUC is printed and placed in a box at the foot of the stairs in the Narthex.
  • verbal statement by a Board member: Pulpit Announcement

This Week at EUUC

Every Thursday This Week at EUUC is posted to the website, emailed to e-news subscribers, and made available in the Narthex. This communication tool has several advantages.

  • Most members and friends receive this publication.
  • When details change after they are reported in The CommUUnicator, you can bring people up-to-date.
  • Your announcement reaches people one to ten days before the event.
  • Your announcement will run for two weeks.
  • The current issue is always available on the website by clicking on the News tab.

As you write a message for This Week at EUUC, let your passion for the event guide your writing. Don’t merely tell people where and when the event will occur—tell people why they should attend. You do not need to write a lengthy article: 50 words usually suffices.

Submit your announcement by Monday at midnight.

Pulpit Announcements

Each week a few announcements are made by a Board member during the Sunday service. Learn how and when to request a pulpit announcement.

Goals of the weekly announcements

  • to help church leaders and staff share information with the congregation
  • to keep people informed about EUUC life
  • to notify people of changes in scheduled events
  • to represent the interests of everyone in the EUUC community: staff, board members, church leaders, and laity

How to spread the word through announcements

  • If you have an announcement on several topics, you can divide your message into two announcements
  • Submit an announcement well before an event to ask people to register or volunteer. Then, just before the event, submit another announcement reminding people to attend.