Once Upon a Time….

Auction Online – April 23 to April 30

Once Upon A Time...

Our 49th Annual Auction will be held on-line, beginning April 23 and will end on April 30. Simple instructions on how to use your phone or computer will be forthcoming prior to the event. We will be able to help you with this process to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to participate! The new deadline for donations is April 20. We hope you will continue to be creative in your ideas for what you could donate: services, lessons, activities, new items, etc. Please try to submit a photo or picture with your donation so that people can get a better sense of what it is they are bidding on. Donation forms found here

If you want to participate, come as a classic children’s storybook character. Ice princesses, mermaids, pirate captains, and big wolves – this is your chance to shine.

Traditionally this has been EUUC’s biggest annual fundraiser. Give some thought to what you would like to donate. Events and dinner parties are favorites. Services and the use of vacation homes, cars, canoes, etc., are popular. New and gently used silent auction items with approximate values of $25 or more are also welcome.

“See” you there!


Auction Variety Show and Costume Contest – April 25th – 2pm

Once upon a time… there was a mythical land known to all who entered it as EUUC, where magical and wondrous things were believed to happen. They planned a live-auction and dinner for all to attend, but an awful virus came to the land and ruined their plans. The people all stayed home to protect each other, but something magical also happened. They learned that EUUC is much more than a place. They learned to use all sorts of devices to stay connected and kept the community bonds strong. They could still hold an on-line auction to keep their treasure chest full, and they would host a Zoom celebration on April on 25 at 2 p.m. with a costume contest and variety show to lift their spirits.

All are invited to join in the fun via Zoom and donations for the event will be accepted through the online auction. Interested performers should contact Kelly Silvers to sign-up by April 22.

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