When to use a Payment Voucher

Download a Payment Voucher as a:
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After spending your personal funds for an expense covered by your EUUC budget, submit a Payment Voucher to request a reimbursement. You would also use this form to move money from your EUUC budget line to another budget line.

Budget accounts

See the current budget accounts (also called budget lines).

Spending authorization

Before spending your own money with the expectation of being reimbursed, ask the committee chair or person in charge of the budget account to be certain that your purchase is authorized.

Usually, the person designated to authorize expenditures is a committee chair or team leader. When the chair or team leader needs to be reimbursed, they may have a committee or team member serve as the authorizing person or they may have a Board member, the Treasurer, or Bookkeeper sign.

Sample payment voucher

Sample Payment Voucher


Contact the Treasurer