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Posting policies during the feedback phase

The policy process involves three phases: preliminary, feedback, and approval. These instructions tell the office staff how to post drafts of policies to the website during the feedback phase.

Download the pages from the server

Open your FTP program and download the following files:

  • index.php
  • index_template.php
  • /members/policies_in_development.php

Backup the pages you will change

  1. Open Word and save the draft with a name in this format: 00040_draft.doc. Upload the draft to the policies directory, and replace any file with that same name. (A file having that same name would be a previous draft of that policy, so we no longer need it.)
  2. Open Notepad and then open index.php. In the Open menu you might need to change the file type to All Files as shown below.

notepad open file menu

  1. Save the file as index2.php. This is your backup copy of a working home page. Later, after you upload your revised home page, if something is wrong and you cannot figure it out, you can simply change the name of this file back to index.php and upload it to the website. Then, contact the Webmaster for help.
  2. In Notepad open /members/policies_in_development.php.
  3. Save the file as /members/policies_in_development2.php. (This new name has the number 2 just before the .php.) This is your working backup copy of the Policies in Development page.

Update the Policies in Development page

  1. In Notepad open /members/policies_in_development.php.
  2. Do ctrl-F to open the Find menu. Search for policy table. This table has three columns: policy name, overview of the change, and sponsor. Below is an image of the top of the table.

policy table

  1. In the code you see in Notepad the first row in the table gives the column headings. The subsequent rows pertain to policies or or other documents available for feedback from the congregation. Below is an image of the headings row and the first row of policies which is for the Sunday Offerings policy.

code for the policy table

  1. Scroll down to the first row below the headings, and copy all the lines of code for that row, from <tr> to </tr>.
  2. Put your cursor above the <tr> from the line you copied, and paste.
  3. Now, the first two rows below the column headings are identical. Next, you will edit the first policy row to describe the policy you are posting.
  4. Policy name in column 1
    • Edit the text to name the policy.
    • Place your cursor immediately before the first letter in the policy title. Enter this code, but replace 00040 with the policy number:
      <a href=”../policies/00040_draft.doc” target=”_blank”>
    • Place your cursor immediately after the policy title, and enter this code:
  5. Overview in column 2
    • Enter a very brief statement indicating whether the policy is being added, changed, or deleted.
    • For deletions briefly say why the policy is no longer needed.
    • For additions and updates provide a hint at the major content or changes.
  6. Sponsor in column 3
    • Name the sponsor which might be the Board or a single Board member serving as the project lead
    • Make the sponsor name a link to the email form. Here are some examples:<a href=”../include/email_form.php?EmailToName=Board”><a href=”../include/email_form.php?EmailToName=Board President”><a href=”../include/email_form.php?EmailToName=Board Secretary”>
  7. Save the file, and upload it to the members directory on the website.
  8. Open your browser and look at the Policies in Development page. If something does not look right, try to fix it. If you cannot correct the problem, open your backup file, policies_in_development2.php and save it as policies_in_development.php. Upload that file to the website, and contact the Webmaster.

Add a home page item

The home page needs to have an item telling people about the policies available for feedback. The item will look like the image below:

home page item

  1. Open the index_template.php file using Notepad.
  1. Do ctrl-F to open the Find menu. Enter “Policy Feedback” in the Find what box and press Find Next.Find box
  2. It should take you to a line that says: <!– Policy Feedback –>.home page item
  3. Immediately below the Policy Feedback line is 
    <table class=”home_content”>
  4. Copy all the lines of code from the home content line to the next instance of a line that says </table>.
  5. Open index.php in Notepad.
  6. Do ctrl-F and search for “Home Page Items”. The line above should be
    <div id=”column_center”>. From that point down nearly to the footer, is one table after another. Each table is a home page item.
  7. Put your curser between two existing tables and paste what you copied from index_template.php. Tables begin with the line
    <table class=”home_content”> and end with </table>. So you will paste the feedback table after a line that says </table>. The sample of code above shows one table, the one you have copied.
  8. Now you need to edit the paragraph telling people about the policy changes. You will be changing the text between <p> and <a hrefbeginning on the line following the <td width=”450″>. Your message should not be more than two sentences.
  9. Save and upload index.php.
  10. Open your browser, go to and press F5 to reload the page. Check to be sure that your change is there and everything looks good.
  11. If there is a coding error, the webpage usually looks very wrong. If this happens, try to find the error. If you cannot fix it, you will need to upload your backup copy of the home page. To do this open index2.php and save it as index.php. Then, upload index.php. Then, contact the Webmaster.

At the end of the feedback phase

After a policy draft has been posted for feedback, you need to remove the invitation for the congregation to provide feedback.

  1. Open Notepad. Open the Policies in Development page.
  2. You always need to have one row below the heading row in the table. Do one of these.
    • If there will be no other policies on listed for feedback, select the entire row for the policy, and edit it so the first column says “none” and the other two columns are blank.
    • If there will still be at least one policy listed for feedback, select the entire row for the policy, and delete it.
  3. Save the Policies in Development page, and upload it to the website. Open the page in your browser, and verify that it looks right.
  4. If there are now no policies posted for feedback, you need to delete the home page item inviting people to read the policy drafts.
    • In Notepad open index.php.
    • Save the file as index2.php.
    • Open index.php, and do ctrl-F to open the Find menu. Enter “Policy Feedback” in the Find what box and press Find Next.
    • Select all the rows from <!– Policy Feedback –> to </table> at the bottom of the table, and delete those lines of code.
    • Save index.php, and upload it to the website.
    • Open your browser and check the home page. If something is not right, try to fix it. If you cannot fix it, Open index2.php, and save it as index.php. Then, upload index.php to the website. Check the page again in your browser.