Who needs to send reports to the board?

Committee chairs and group leaders who have been asked to submit reports need to submit monthly reports and an annual report.


Please create your report in Word with single spacing. You may use boldface and indents, but do not use any other formatting, including lists itemized with numbers, bullets, or letters.

Submitting the report

Each month committee chairs and group leaders submit short reports to the Administrator and their Board Liaisons. Please send the report in a Word document saved with “BoardReport” in the file name.


This report  should not be your monthly minutes, but rather a short report providing

  • Group name
  • Summarize in a few sentences what your group has been doing in the past month
  • Big decisions you’ve made that the rest of the church might care about
  • Proposals for the Board to take action (Please highlight requests in yellow.)
  • Questions for the Board
  • Anything big coming up

If nothing is going on, just let us know.

Annual Report

Each year committees submit annual reports telling the congregation about their accomplishments and the major projects tackled during the year. Each committee report is less than one page long. Submit your report through the Annual Report Form.