For reports and articles submitted to the Administrator or an EUUC news vehicle, please follow our file naming convention. The convention has three parts—date, document name, and committee name—which are separated by an underscore. Each part contains no spaces, for example, use SocialConcerns rather than Social Concerns as the committee name.

The file name should be in this format:


  • YYMM – the date of the board meeting, committee meeting, or newsletter issue for periodic submissions, and for annual submissions use all four digits for the year
  • YY – last two digits of the year
  • MM – month in two digits
  • DocumentName – A short name for the report
  • Committee – your committee, group, or staff position
  • .doc – you may submit your report with the extension of .doc, .docx, or whatever else is appropriate



Why do we need a file naming convention?

Imagine getting dozens of emails each month, each one different, but each one named board_report.doc.  We can save our well-organized Administrator, The CommUUnicator editor, web editor, treasurer, and other recipients much time by naming the files in a way that helps them keep files sorted on their computers.