Help pass I-1631 Clean Energy and Jobs

We’re 18 days away from a historic election! In Snohomish County and around Washington State, there are thousands of voters who are confused by big oil’s attack ads but will support Initiative 1631 when they hear the facts from a volunteer. IF we can talk to enough of these voters statewide in the next 18 days, we will win this election.

EUUC is hosting a training with sandwich buffet on Sunday, Oct 21 at 12:15 PM in Rooms 1/2. We’ll learn canvassing best practices and I-1631 specifics, then have an opportunity to canvass. Bring friends and go out together!  If you can’t stay to canvass, you can get an assignment to go and canvass on your own time! For more information, go to

EUUC members:  You can bring our Congregational Stand on Global Warming and Climate Justice to life by helping pass this initiative.