Thank You From the NW UU Justice Summit Organizers

Here is Cecilia’s sermon at the Summit:Listen


Dear EUUC members and friends,

THANK YOU for hosting the 2018 NW Justice Summit.  This Summit saw the launch of the new UU state action network for Washington, called JUUstice Washington. Your friends on the EUUC Summit host team were terrific, from soup, to songs, to sounding the gong.  The Board of JUUstice Washington and other attendees at the Summit are grateful for the efforts of the host team, as well as for the general EUUC welcome.  Plus, you lent the expertise and spiritual gifts of your ministers to create a wonderful worship experience as a launch pad for JUUstice Washington – so many gifts.  

JUUstice Washington is evolving from the work of Washington UU Voices for Justice and the NW UU Justice Network.  I say JUUstice Washington is “evolving,” because it is more than just a merger of complementary UU justice organizations.  It is being founded with a broader vision of equity, diversity, and inclusion, along with a dedication to coordinating with state, regional, and national justice allies.  Please take a look at our website to learn more.  And don’t forget the second “u” as you are typing the name of the website:   Like the whole organization, our website is also evolving.  Nonetheless, I think you will get a good sense of the future we are trying to create.  Please consider becoming a member!

In addition to expressing gratitude for EUUC’s hospitality at this Summit, we also thank you for EUUC’s parenting of the NW UU Justice Network through several years of its development. The Board and staff of JUUstice Washington very much look forward to our mutual work for justice over the coming months and years.

John Hilke, JUUstice Washington 2018 Summit Planning Team lead