Lobby Room on the Home Stretch – Take Action Now!

Lobby Room is one way that EUUC puts Faith into Action. The Lobby Room group has reviewed 2021 bills, especially those recommended by our allies working for Climate Justice, Racial Justice, and for Women and Families. We’ve selected 12 bills to focus on this year and some of them have now passed both chambers!  These include a bill that protects patients having pregnancy emergencies and one that prevents insurance carriers from denying coverage for prescribed gender-affirming treatment. 

650 and counting! 

So far, our congregation has logged more that 650 contacts with state legislators this year. We are near the end of the  the three month session, so it is important to keep important bills moving toward a floor vote. You can review those bills, get some talking points, and take action at this link.  Most bills need to be passed by April 11 but there will still be budget/fiscal bills that will be considered through April 25. Please log the number of contacts you make using this 30 second formWe will be offering fun prizes to the fifth person who takes action between March 31 and April 11, and also to two folks logging actions for the first time.  

Thank you for taking action to make Washington State more just and sustainable!