May Sunday Offering – Reclaim our Vote

Here is a report by one of the Center For Common Ground campaigns in Roanoke, Virgnina

The Reclaim our Vote campaign is the Sunday Offering cause for May.  The Reclaim Our Vote Campaigns are a project of the Center For Common Ground (CFCG).  CFCG is a people of color founded and led non-profit and non-partisan organization.  It seeks to create a more just and inclusive democracy by protecting the right to vote, combating voter suppression, and promoting active voting. 

It works in nine states:Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Arizona.  Campaigns include postcards, phone banking, and establishment of community-based, grass roots led Democracy Centers. Please see the video here for examples of how members of the CFCG are working to Reclaim the vote

As always, if you have an organization that you wish to nominate for Sunday cause, we invite you to fill out the online Sunday Cause nomination form.