October Sunday Offering – Ukrainian Association of Washington State

Image of baby in a neonatal incubator

Neonatal Incubators For Ukraine

Ukrainian Association of Washington State (UAWS) is the Cause of the month for October.  UAWS is a not-for-profit independent entity, with no political, business, or religious affiliations operates as an all volunteer-run organization. The Board Members and Volunteers are all unpaid workers.

Per their mission: “In the peaceful times, we promote Ukraine in our state through culture and education.”  As you can imagine, they have shifted their focus. According to the UN Population Fund, an estimated 265,000 Ukrainian women were pregnant when the war broke out. And according to the BBC, premature births now account for 50% of deliveries. UAWS maintains constant communication with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to ensure that their efforts are aligned with the urgent needs that arise during these challenging times.

UAWS aims to provide at least 10 units for each of the 50 Ukrainian prenatal and maternity hospitals to address dire situations with stress-induced premature childbirths. These will provide infants with a safe and controlled environment, giving them the space and time needed to develop their vital organs.

Your Advocates For Women Committee thanks you for supporting this organization. There are many established and effective organizations providing services for Ukrainian refugees who are now located within the U.S. Assisting with humanitarian aid to those still within the confines of the ongoing war and destruction is in alignment with our EUUC principles of the inherent worth and dignity of every person, the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all, and our understanding of and respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

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