New Reproductive Justice Work Group Forms and Board Endorses Action of Immediate Witness

This summer, we saw a huge step back for human rights in our country when Roe v. Wade was overturned. So when Rev. Eric posted about a Side With Love/UUA training on congregational organizing on Reproductive Justice, several of us jumped on board! From there, we decided to form an intersectional, action-oriented group to mobilize specifically around the current crisis of reproductive injustice in the U.S.  We are collaborating with other Social Justice committees to activate and amplify intersectional approaches to advocacy, coalition building, and education toward Reproductive Justice. 

Our projects so far

Our first project was to request that the EUUC Board endorse the Action of Immediate Witness on Reproductive Justice that was approved at General Assembly this year. Now endorsed by our Board, it calls on all UUs to educate themselves and to act to ensure access to abortion. As a first step, we have also scheduled a mini-workshop on How to Talk about Abortion in the post-Roe era at 7 pm on October 26. It will describe language and values that help reclaim the narrative on abortion. 

An invitation

In addition to the right not to have children, Reproductive Justice also includes the right to have children and to raise them in a healthy environment. It goes beyond rights and emphasizes access. Maybe one of these aspects of Reproductive Justice is your passion! Whether you’re frustrated about the big step back in Reproductive Justice or embrace the broader goals of the movement, we invite you to join us in this focused work. For more information contact