November Sunday Offering – Worthy Now Prison Ministry Program

The Worthy Now Ministry is the Cause of the month for November. The Worthy Now Prison Ministry is a special program of the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) which serves people in prison. This program now serves 1500 members of the 4,000 members of the CLF and is rapidly expanding.
Members of this prison ministry program find out about the CLF through word of mouth, literature found on the floor, and assorted resource directories. Being in prison, they are unable to financially support this program. The CLF is only able to provide resources and pastoral care because of generous donations from its free-world members, churches that organize sharing of the plate, and grants.
The Worthy Now Network shares its goals with the whole of the CLF: to Connect, Deepen, and Act on our Unitarian Universalist values. The programs and offerings include:
  • UU World subscription
  • CLF’s Quest Monthly subscription
  • Prison Ministry Partnerships – a program for congregations interested in direct service for people who are incarcerated
  • Circles of Support – communities of people dedicated to working within the justice system, going deeper in understanding mass incarceration and the prison industry, building relationships with others involved in prison ministry, contributing to and providing administrative support for the Worth Now Network
  • Letter Writing Ministry – a one-on-one letter writing connection with a UU living in prison whose pen pal may be their only contact with the outside world
  • Classes – online educational offerings covering such topics as the prison industrial complex, anti-racism/anti-oppression, compassionate communication, etc.

Your Sunday Offering Committee thanks you for supporting this organization. To quote from their site: “This means all are worthy of love, respect and support right now—not at some future time when we are better people, but as we are. The Worthy Now Network is committed to strengthening our Unitarian Universalist (UU) First Principle with this declaration.”

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