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We send This Week at EUUC to subscribers. This is the primary news source for what’s happening in this busy congregation. Occasionally, we send special announcements such as alerts about scheduling changes due to snow.

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Do I need to get my news electronically?

Printed copies of This Week at EUUC, our weekly announcements, and The CommUUnicator, our monthly newsletter, are available in the Narthex. Look for the bin on the wall next to the stairs.

We encourage you to try the electronic version of The CommUUnicator. If you prefer to read the news on paper, you can print an entire issue or just certain pages on your home printer. That saves trees, postage, and printing costs.  However, if the emailed news just doesn’t work in your life, please contact the office to receive a subscription through the US Mail.


Privacy policy

We will only use your email address to send news pertaining to Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation. We will not share your email address with outside organizations. For details, read the




Learn about events and programs for children and youth by subscribing to our Families list.

In your message, please include your children’s names and ages.

To subscribe, contact the Director of Religious Exploration


Climate Justice

Subscribers share information about actions and events related to climate justice. Subscribers can send messages to the list.

Contact the Climate Justice team to subscribe


Legislative Actions

Subscribers receive information about actions they can take in the state legislature related to bills reflecting UU values and the work of our Social Justice committees and teams. Emails are during the Washington State legislative sessions. To subscribe contact the Email Lobby Room Team



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