Download the Events-Collection-Report.pdf

Collecting money

Some programs collect money for ticket sales, fees, or donations. Money can be collected in cash or checks. Checks need to be made out to EUUC with the fund name on the memo line. During Sunday Services, people may write cause to have the money donated to the current Sunday Offerings recipient or they may write pledge to have the money credited toward their pledge.

Turning in cash and checks

At the end of the event two people count and turn in the money.

  1. Each person gets a blank Events Collection Report. Download a file (PDF) with two blank forms from the link above or pick up blank forms in the Forms mailbox at church.
  2. Write the name of the event and fund at the top of the report.
  3. Each person adds up the cash, checks, and credit card payments, and writes the itemized totals on a separate Events Collection Report.
  4. Their totals should match. If not, they each count again, until their sums agree.
  5. Each person signs and dates their copy of the report.
  6. The cash, checks, and both Events Collection Reports go in an envelope or bank pouch. To use a bank pouch, you need to get it from the Administrator before the event.
  7. Give the envelope or bank pouch to the Administrator either personally or by dropping it in the mail slot in office door which is in the copy room.

Events Collection Report


Contact: Finance