Benefits from posters

The time-honored paper poster can still be an effective way to remind or inform members of an event. Bulletin boards offer a couple advantages.

  • People see your information without having to go to the website or read their emails.
  • If you want people to take action—like purchase tickets —while they are at church, a poster reminds them at a convenient time and place.


It’s easy to forget to include an important piece of information on a poster. Here are some common pieces of information that you might want to tell people:

  • RSVP email address to register
  • committee or group name
  • contact name for people to ask questions
  • day of the week, date, time, and room
  • cost
  • website page with additional information
  • name of our congregation and the address for external ads


Even the most seasoned authors have others proofread their words, because a fresh set of eyes can see awkward phrases, ambiguities, and errors that the creator overlooked. Please ask a family member or friend to proofread your poster.

Post your own flyer

Social Justice flyers go on their bulletin board near their desk. All other congregational news goes on the long bulletin board in the atrium.

Help us keep the bulletin board fresh

After your event please remove your poster. Any time you notice posters for outdated events, please remove and recycle those posters. Posters with news other than events can be recycled after one year. Together, we can keep the bulletin board up to date.