About the database

The GovDocs database comes in two files:

  • GovDocs.accdb – This is the file you open to use the database.  If you create a shortcut, it should take you to this file. All the forms, reports, and queries are defined in this piece.
  • GovDocsData.accdb – this contains the tables of data

As forms, reports, and queries are created and revised to improve the usability, only the GovDocs.accdb file needs to be copied from the developer’s computer to the office computer.

Usability updates

  1. After making changes to the forms, queries, or reports, the database developer uploads the GovDocs.accdb file to the policies folder on the website server.
  2. Use FileZilla or another FTP application to download the file.
  3. Replace the old file with the new one on the office computer.
  4. Next, you will open the database (GovDocs.accdb) and tell it where to find the tables. Open the External Data menu as shown below.

External data menu

  1. Click Linked Table Manager.
  2. Click Select All to select the three tables. Click Ok.

Linked Table Manager

  1. Now you will get menus where you will browse to find the location of the three tables, which are in the GovDocsData.accdb file.
  2. You will receive a message saying the tables have been successfully linked.

Linked Table Manager - Successful link message

  1. Click Ok.