This will need revision after we move to G-mail

Types of email accounts


Forwarding email address

A forwarding email address is an email account that does not collect and send messages, but rather forwards the messages to mailboxes for the appropriate people.

Every committee and interest group has a forwarding email address with only a few exceptions. The exceptions are those few groups that need to send emails from their accounts. Those groups have mailboxes.


If we had an Astronomy interest group, you would contact the group by sending a message to

Emails are automatically forwarded to EUUC mailboxes for the group leaders and sometimes staff


A mailbox is an email account that collects email messages.

If the group leader of the Astronomy group is Gini Starr, she would read and respond to her emails by accessing her mailbox,


Email discussion list

People can use an email discussion list to ensure that their messages are sent to everyone in a group.  For instance, the discussion list, would contain the personal email addresses of the members of the Astronomy interest group.  Then, when an email message is sent to, the message will be sent to everyone whose email address is contained in the list.

If a non-list member sends an email to the discussion list, that message will only be sent to the list moderator who can approve or reject the message being sent to the entire list.

The Astronomy interest group might have a discussion list for members to share information:


Naming Conventions

  • The committee name, council name, or group name should form the alias, rather than using an acronym: for example,‍. The only acronyms that should be used are OWL, RE, LRE, DLRE, and YES.
  • The committee/group email alias is forwarded to the chair/leader.  For instance, messages sent to are forwarded to the group leader.
  • Supervising committees and staff may also receive emails sent to their subordinate committees and groups.
  • A distribution list for a group is the group name followed by “.list”.  For example, messages sent to would be forwarded to the members of the Dog Walkers interest group.  (We also have two distribution lists that end in “.group” and “.talk” rather than “.list”.)

Handling Email

Mail will be forwarded, not saved on the server, unless requested by a staff member or approved by the Congregational Administrator.