September 2017

basket woven by Pacific Northwest Native Americans

Inspiring and Celebrating the success of Native American women

Mother Nation inspires and celebrates the success of Native American women in their struggle to overcome addiction, domestic violence and homelessness. The group partners with tribes, non-Native and Native agencies to fill the gaps in services for Native American women in Washington state. It’s the only organization in the state entirely dedicated to supporting this demographic.

The organization sponsors a Recovery House in Seattle in cooperation with Catholic Services, to provide a clean and sober environment as those addicted follow the program to recovery. Mother Nation’s cultural services are custom designed and serviced by credentialed Native American Elders who apply culture to clinical practice.

Most of the women Mother Nation serves are homeless, a large percentage of whom are fleeing domestic violence. “ Wherever they call us from, we come to them” the director, Norinne Hill said. “Needs include bus tickets, clothing vouchers, gas cardsanything to help them get spiritually and financially able to move forward.“

Mother Nation recently changed their name from Native Women in Need. Check out the Mother Nation website for more information.

What is the Sunday Offering?

When the baskets are passed during Sunday services, people contribute cash and checks to help the recipient organization which was chosen for that month. Checks written to “EUUC” with “cause” on the memo line and all cash are tallied each Sunday. At the end of the month, a check is written for the recipient organization.