Needs Revision for new website

When to post policies

After policy changes have been approved by the Board, the policies need to be posted to the website.

New and revised policies

  1. For a new policy open /policies/policies.php, and enter the policy in alphabetical order.
  2. If an existing policy has been renamed, change the policy name in the list of policies on /policies/policies.php, but do not change the file names of the HTML and PHP policy pages. That is, the link to the policy page needs to stay the same, but the words that people see can change.
  3. Upload the new or revised Word and PDF versions of the policy.
  4. For revised policies upload the HTML version of the policy. For new policies, ask the Webmaster to create a new policy page.
  5. Upload the revised Alphabetical List of Policies.

Deleted policies

  1. Open /policies/policies.php, and delete the line for the policy.
  2. Remove the HTML, PHP, Word, and PDF files from the server.
  3. Upload the revised Alphabetical List of Policies.