Policy #7
Approved 8/18/2009

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Personal information

Personal identifying information, including, but not limited to, full name, family members’ names and ages, home phone number, address and email address is not to be released to the general public without prior knowledge and approval of the specific person involved.

This policy applies to membership lists, church newsletter, both online and paper, website content, and other publicly accessible information.  Release of an individual’s personal information to other members of the congregation, but not to the general public, shall be considered on an individual basis in accord with this policy and Unitarian Universalist Principles.


Youth names, contact information, birthdates and ages should not be posted on the website or in electronic documents. If a published document needs to refer to a specific youth, please use their initials only. For example, the youth credo statements posted on the website would quote the youth but would only identify the author by his or her initials.