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Congregational Administrator Susan Senft
Bulletin Boards Committees and Susan Senft
This Week at EUUC Susan Senft, Quinn Kuroiwa
Facebook Rev. Eric Kaminetzky
Newsletter – The CommUUnicator Susan Senft
Pulpit Announcements Susan Senft
Web Manager Quinn Kuroiwa

Enriching our Community

Art Show Linda Crossland
Auction Barbara Purn
Facilities Gordon Bawden
Battery Recycling
Kitchen Christine MacDonald
Leadership Gathering Nancy Gladow
Membership Lynn Carpenter and Nancy Gladow
Memorial Bev Castner and Terry Bayless
Music Bruce Baker
Rummage Sale Bruce Baker and Patty House
Seabeck Retreat Bruce Baker
Sound Gail Smith
Summer Campout Retreat Marikay Gillingham
Worship Associates Rev. Eric Kaminetzky

Families and Faith Development

Minister for Faith and Justice Rev. Cecilia Kingman
Classes for Children: toddlers to Grade 8
Coming of Age: Grade 9
Youth Group: Grades 10 – 12

Financial Matters

Bookkeeper Mike Healy
Canvass Rachel Maxwell
Endowment Alan Crist
Finance Craig Wyss
Rentals Susan Senft
Treasurer Liz Woodard


Board of Trustees
     President Katey Crist
     Vice President Kelly Silvers
     Secretary Rachel Maxwell
     Member Steve Trautwein
     Member James MacLeod
     Member Emily Paynich
     Member Carolyn Tucker
Committee on Ministry Grant Gladow
Nominating Kathleen Bennett

Interest Groups

Congregational Administrator Susan Senft
Breakfast Babes
Coffee ‘n Politics Mike Averbuch
Conversations Joyce Kolts
Dinner Out Sharon Harris
EUUC Downtowners Carol Pearson and Julie Taylor
The Treblemakers April Cook
Fiber Arts Patty House
Folk Dancing Vicki Curry and Lora Hein
Grief Support Susan Cyr
Men’s Group Bruce Samuels
Mini Potlucks Cyndy Norman
Second Sunday Book Club Jennifer Howell
Sunday Silent Meditation Bev Castner
Toastmasters Bo Ruch
UU Amigas Mary Ferrari
Wild Women Susan Senft


Minister Rev. Eric Kaminetzky
Families and Faith Development Rev. Cecilia Kingman
Arms Around Marilyn Warner
Covenant Groups Marilyn Warner
Sunday Silent Meditation Bev Castner


The Treblemakers April Cook
Music Committee Bruce Baker

Social Justice

Advocates for Women Ingrid Naumann, Karen Keenan, and Marilyn Parsons.
Meaningful Movies Barbara Powers
Peace and Justice Cindy Creager, Julie Taylor and Gayle Leberg
Racial Justice Ginger Alonzo, Pam Iverson, and Maria Thompson
Social Concerns Vicky Kleinman
Social Justice Council Kyle Gillis, Cindy Creager, Karen Keenan, Ginger Alonzo
Sunday Offering Cynthia Grace