If a person is exhibiting strange or paranoid thinking and you need assistance, there is a 24-hour crisis line that can be reached at 800.584.3578. Mental health professionals answer these phones at all times.  They can speak with you or with the person in question.  A voluntary mental health crisis worker can be dispatched to come to the church to assess the person and make recommendations and referrals. If the person is uncooperative and seems to be dangerouos to themself or others, a Designated Mental Health Professional can be dispatched who has the legal authority to commit the person to an inpatient psychiatric unit for up to 72 hours.  Detainment beyond 72 hours requires an order from a Superior Court Judge.

If the situation is threatening or dangerous, immediately call 911.  Police should arrive within minutes, while it could take up to two hours for mental health professional to arrive.