Submit a Calendar Request form

Members and friends can add, change, or cancel a calendar entry by submitting a Add, Change or Cancel an Event Form.

Reserve a room and
Get an event on the calendar

As you plan a meeting for a church group, submit a Calendar Request form to reserve a room and to have the event added to the church calendar. Often people are involved in more than one committee or group. They can check the church calendar to remind themselves of the date or time of any particular meeting.

When you schedule an event that is not a regular meeting, your participants will appreciate having additional details included in the calendar entry. Do participants need to register? Is there a cost? Are they expected to bring something? Should participants prepare before the event?

Why bother with room reservations?

When you reserve a room, your event is added to the calendar. If you choose to not reserve a room, you might find yourself holding your meeting in the classroom with the itty bitty chairs and knee-high tables. Another benefit to getting your meeting on the calendar is that those who are invited can verify the time and date from the online calendar.

Rent a room

If you do not attend the church, you can rent rooms. Contact the Administrator to learn more about rentals.