What is the e-News?

We send our weekly bulletin, This Week at EUUC, and our monthly newsletter, The CommUUnicator, to this announcement email list. Occasionally, we send special announcements such as alerts about scheduling changes due to snow.

Signing up?

Click this link to sign up for our e-News service.

After you fill out the form to subscribe, we will send you an email containing a confirmation link. Just follow the link to confirm that you want to be subscribed to the e-News.

If any issues arise or if you are having any difficulties, please contact the Email Administrator.

Do I need to get my news electronically?

Printed copies of This Week at EUUC, our weekly announcements, and The CommUUnicator, our monthly newsletter, are available in the Narthex. Look for the bin on the wall next to the stairs.

We encourage you to try the electronic version of The CommUUnicator. If you prefer to read the news on paper, you can print an entire issue or just certain pages on your home printer. That saves trees, postage, and printing costs.  However, if the emailed news just doesn’t work in your life, please contact the office to receive a subscription through the US Mail.

Privacy policy

We will only use your email address to send news pertaining to Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation. We will not share your email address with outside organizations. For details, read the 


Need help?

Contact the Email Administrator

30JUL2023 NOTE: The content on this page can be consolidated with the Stay informed with Email News page, in the E-News section.