Making the world a better place – with your help

Each week we collect offerings, generoously donated by people attending the Sunday services. All cash and checks with “cause” in the memo line go into our Sunday Offering fund. After a month ends, we send a check to the chosen recipient for the amount collected. Recipients are researched and recommended by the Sunday Offering Committee and selected by the Social Justice Council.

We are grateful for the generosity of our congregation in giving each week to an important organization. Together, we pursue our mission by creating a more just and sustainable world.

Who receives the Sunday offering?

Learn about the current and past recipients of the Sunday offerings by going to Sunday Offering Archives.

Sunday Offering Committee

The Sunday Offering Committee selects organizations to receive the money collected during the Sunday services. The committee often arranges for a spokesperson from the organization to briefly introduce their organization’s work to the congregation.

Would you like to nominate a charity?

The Sunday Offering committee welcomes nominations from EUUC members who have a favorite tax exempt charity they support or have personal knowledge of. They can be local, national or international. Nomination forms can be found online at the EUUC website or on a clipboard at the Social Justice bulletin board. Please email or leave completed forms in the Sunday Offering mailbox prior to the committee’s next meeting August 5, 2018, at 7:00 in Rm. 6. Members are welcome to come to the meeting.

We invite you to fill out the online form to nominate an organization. Of course, not all of the nominations we receive will be selected.

Are you interested in helping or learning more?

Contact: Sunday Offering