Become a Chalice Lighter

Cascadia Chalice Lighters PNW UUA region


The Pacific Northwest District of the UUA Chalice Lighter Program assists Unitarian Universalist member congregations in the Pacific Northwest with grants to provide vital capabilities and infrastructure.

Chalice Lighter grants are intended to help congregations grow by:

  • securing, improving or furnishing a building
  • reaching out to the community to attract new members
  • updating electronic systems
  • funding any other creative program to facilitate growth

As more of us take the Chalice Lighter pledge, the program will have more to offer to growing congregations. And, by being a Chalice Lighter, you will also help EUUC qualify for a Chalice Lighter grant.

It’s easy to participate. As a Chalice Lighter, you will receive no more than three call letters per year. The letter will explain the express purpose of the call and ask for your donation of $20. You simply send a check or make a donation online.

EUUC needs at least 30% of our members enrolled as Chalice Lighters before we’re eligible for a Chalice Lighter grant. We have about 30 members enrolled now and need at least 60 more to be eligible to apply for grants to assist with our own future growth. Please join the Chalice Lighters!

For more information and to enroll, see the Pacific NW District Web site. If you have questions, just contact EUUC’s Chalice Lighter Ambassador, Will Wilcox, via Email to Chalice Lighters.