Your Coins Power Laundry for Women in Transition

Awash in Quarters – your coins power loads of laundry for women in transition!

Have you ever washed your clothes in a laundromat? Lugging heavy laundry bags inside, you feel wafts of warm steamy air scented mildly with laundry detergent and scan the room for empty machines. You will need quarters – lots of quarters – to feed the washers and dryers. This might cost $10 in quarters (or more) each week, a significant expense for a family living on a minimum wage income or public assistance. Now, imagine a single mom with a baby in a backpack or shepherding small children into the laundromat to do the weekly wash. All week the family has been putting aside coins, so they can arrive awash with quarters.

Please join Advocates for Women in collecting quarters to power the washers and dryers for women living in transitional housing at Pathways for Women, a local YWCA program. We hope to collect 1,000 quarters. Just 8 quarters will wash or dry one load of laundry, and we aim to provide 125 loads of clean clothes for these families. Please look for the collection bottle on the Social Justice desk during the months of September and October. Let’s make these families awash in quarters this fall!