Building Improvements – Gratitude!

There have been changes in Admin end of the building.  The RE office has been enlarged to give Cecilia and her crew more space.  The long narrow janitor’s closet has been incorporated into the new office.   The waiting area has been provided with hard benches, no cushy seating.  That entire North/South hall from the glass doors to the South entrance has been painted the same color as the Narthex and Atrium. 


Thanks are due to the doers who made it happen. 

Margo and Angela Woller-Carter started it out with removal of shelves and ripping and tearing and smashing and disposing of the first batch of drywall to go.

Mike Spano and Bruce Samuels took care of the remaining demolition, framing and drywall.

John Tucker and Bruce Samuels did the drywall finishing and priming.

Ross Henderson did the rest of the painting including the hall with the help of Grant Gladow, Jim Stephenson and Carl Halford.  A one day blitz.  Prep, paint, and cleanup—without ruining the carpet.

Terry Webb and “old blue” picked up, hauled, and stocked the 10 ft sheets of drywall and lumber (seriously heavy work).

Sam Hatch relocated the outlets at the new benches.  A simple job that turned out to not be so simple.


Also, I hope some have noticed that the Youth Group repainted the markings on the parking lot curbs.  I hope it will help the parking impaired (like me) refrain from using two slots.


Thanks you to all!


Gordon Bawden