Submit your Fund-a-Need proposals by February 1, 2024

The Finance Committee is seeking proposals for the Fund-a-Need auction item. We have raised tens of thousands of dollars to fund improvements to our buildings through Fund-a-Need at our auction. Recent Fund-a-Need projects include the Enhancing our Spaces effort, the loft upgrade, and new furniture for the Friarplace.

Any committee or individual member or staff member can propose a Fund-a-Need item by submitting a written summary of the item, which must contain the following:

  • Short description of the item.
  • Justification as to how the item will benefit the church and align with our mission statement and values.
  • Cost estimate accurate to within 10%.
  • Plan for implementation and installation of the item, including a schedule.
  • Proposed auction item description to be included in the catalog.
  • Contact information for follow-up questions. The proposal must have an “owner,” that is one or more individuals who agree to take responsibility for its implementation.

The Finance Committee prioritizes all of the proposals that meet the evaluation criteria and recommend one or more projects to the Board, which selects one or more projects for the auction’s Fund-a-Need item.  Please submit your requests by February 1, 2024 for consideration.  For more information, please consult the full Fund-a-Need policy.