Putting Our Congregational Stands into Action

Did you know that EUUC has bylaws and a policy which outline how we might, as a congregation, take stands on issues we find morally imperative?  There are specific procedures about how to introduce a stand, plus 90 days of education, and a secret vote that must be above 75% in order to enact the stand.  Learn more about the process.

Why do we adopt congregational stands?  So that we can put our faith in action in the public square.  We have an active social justice program, which includes serving and supporting others, education, advocacy, and public witness.  Our congregational stands reflect our values and the issues that speak most strongly to us as we strive for justice.  We actively partner with many in the community, and our congregational stands make our work even more effective.

What are our congregational stands?  We currently have four:  LGBTQ+ Justice & Equity, Global Warming and Climate Justice, Racial Justice, and Money In Politics/Democracy.  You can read more about them by clicking the links on each title.

What do we do with our congregational stands?  Who can bring them to life?  Any member, and our ministers, can refer to EUUC’s support of the issues represented by our four stands.  For example, you might be writing to your legislator, or a news editor. You can say that your faith community, Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation, supports rights related to one of our stands, similar to how you might refer to our UU Principles.  This can be very powerful.

However, be careful about saying EUUC supports a specific legislative bill or project.  Our congregational stands support certain justice issues.  These allow us to choose to endorse specific bills or projects, but those decisions are made by a Social Justice Committee, the Social Justice Council, or the EUUC Board.

Supporting specific bills or projects.  If you would like to see EUUC’s name endorsing, supporting, or sponsoring a specific thing that you think one of our congregational stands allows, contact the Social Justice Council or a Social Justice Committee.  They will consider the request.  Sometimes we can make donations, too, so include that information if desired.

What if something cannot be endorsed by one of our congregational stands?  Social Justice committees can choose to make committee stands, and sign their endorsement or support in the name of the committee.

How do I know where our congregational stands have been put into public action?  The Social Justice Council or committees will publish news any time we decide to endorse, support, or sponsor something.  This will usually be in This Week At EUUC.