Who receives the Sunday offering?

Learn about the current and past recipients of the Sunday offerings.

Sunday Offering Committee

The Sunday Offering Committee selects organizations to receive the money collected during the Sunday services. The committee often arranges for a spokesperson from the organization to briefly introduce their organization’s work to the congregation.

Would you like to nominate a charity?

We invite you to fill out the online form to nominate an organization. Of course, not all of the nominations we receive will be selected.

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Sunday Offering News

  • Sunday Offering for June May 24, 2019 Agros International is our Cause for June. Agros’s main focus is on those living in extreme poverty in rural areas in Central America. Their mission is to see rural poor families own agricultural land and attain economic self-sufficiency. Land is the foundation of their approach which is holistic, designed to address the complexities of poverty ... Read More

  • Sunday Offering for May May 1, 2019 The Sunday Offering for May is Northwest Immigrant Rights Project which is a nationally recognized legal services organization founded in 1984. NWIRP was our offering Cause in February of 2018 and it is even more timely now. NWIRP promotes justice by providing legal services, systemic advocacy and community education to undocumented immigrants and refugees. Funds are ... Read More

  • Sunday Offering For March February 27, 2019 The Sunday Offering for March will help the Washington Family and Community Engagement Program-specifically as it offers Parent and Children’s Leadership Training classes in Everett. Diverse and marginalized families are taught skills to help them interact with schools and local and state government as it affects their lives. Sixty-five percent of those attending classes have ... Read More

  • Sunday Offering for November November 7, 2018 ROOTS of South Sudan, the recipient of the Sunday offering for November, is a State of Washington non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the women and children of South Sudan. Although peace between North and South Sudan has been achieved, tribal struggles for power are ongoing and limit people’s ability to move about freely and make a ... Read More

  • October Sunday Offering: The Promise and the Practice of our Faith September 24, 2018 October 2018 The Promise and the Practice of our Faith Campaign is the recipient of our Sunday Offerings in October. Imagine what our faith would look like if we upheld and centered the history, the perspectives, the voices, and the leadership of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalists (BLUU).The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith Campaign is ... Read More

  • Sunday Offering for July and August June 21, 2018 The Sunday Offering for July and August will help Habitat for Humanity’s Snohomish County affiliate advance their mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.  In partnership with the community, businesses, faith organizations and individuals the group works to eliminate substandard housing and terminate the cycle of poverty for their low-income partner ... Read More